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Self storage in Stayton

Have you been to a self storage facility and gotten the feeling that they only saw you as an income stream and not much else? You'll find Stayton Mini Storage a breath of fresh air. We're open Monday through Saturday. Come visit us at 1080 Wilco Road in Stayton today!
Anonymous woman holding box by storage unit

Get your personal space

Stayton Mini Storage makes it possible for you to get the most bang for your self storage buck. All of our storage units feature a roll-up door so you can make use of every square inch available. Our office carries all the supplies you need to store your valuables safely, so you can be sure that they'll come out of your unit in the same shape they came in! 

For your eyes only

Even in a town like Stayton, OR, crime does occur. Stayton Mini Storage understands and has taken every precaution to ensure that your belongings are safe at all times. Our complex is protected by a keypad-activated gate, accessed by a security code of your choosing. We also carry heavy-duty disc locks that are virtually unbreakable.

Shedding some light 

Have you ever tried to arrange your belongings in a storage unit in the dark? We have, and it's not fun. At Stayton Mini Storage, all of our drive-up and walk-in units are well-lit for your convenience and safety. Our premium units have both electrical outlets and wired-in phone service. Call or visit us in Stayton, OR. We look forward to serving you! 
Units up to 24'x40' available!
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